Free Louis Armstrong Worksheet

Louis Armstrong free handouts

Finally here is a modern, free Louis Armstrong worksheet you can use to teach kids about this important man in history.

This worksheet is flexible for you to use in a variety of ways:

  • Active listening for kids to fill in during a lesson
  • Homework to reinforce what they learned
  • Kids can complete & present to share with their classmates
  • Create a binder with this Louis Armstrong worksheet and other influential African Americans
Louis Armstrong worksheets pdf

Here’s what you’ll accomplish with this free worksheet:

  • Teach kids about Louis Armstrong
  • Give kids a tool to remember what they learn
  • Encourage kids to develop & share their opinions
  • Engage young minds to want to know more

Your power to make a difference is more important than ever.

Louis Armstrong worksheets lesson

This is not your average worksheet…

Not only is there a focus on interesting facts, this handout requires kids to:

  • Think critically & identify positive traits
  • Give their opinion & back it up with reason
  • Identify with this historical icon to encourage empathy

Get them to think beyond the facts with this effective educational activity.

You’ll love sharing these printables with the kids in your life.

free Louis Armstrong handout

Free Louis Armstrong Worksheet PDF

Help them remember what they learn with this fun worksheet PDF featuring Louis Armstrong.

By presenting information in different ways, you are reinforcing their lessons.

Kids always enjoy hands-on learning & some kids really need this approach to focus.

Louis Armstrong coloring page

This black & white coloring page is printer-friendly as well.

Have kids who love to study?

Great, they will love this!

Louis Armstrong coloring worksheet

Have kids who don’t love to study?

This worksheet doesn’t just cover the facts – kids are encouraged to include their opinions too.

There is even room for coloring & doodling.

You will be able to both entertain & educate with this worksheet.

With only just a bite-sized biography, you can paint a picture for kids of this famous person in history.

All you need are some interesting facts about Louis Armstrong.

When you bring history to life, you leave them wanting to know more.

Louis Armstrong worksheets coloring page

And isn’t that the goal? To get them to WANT to know more?

More About Louis Armstrong

If you want more than just the free worksheet, we have more activities & worksheets for kids featuring Louis Armstrong.

Everything is immediately available for you to use.

Bundles featuring 33 Famous Black Americans:

When you order any of these worksheet bundles, you get immediate access.

Free Louis Armstrong Worksheet PDF

This printable coloring worksheet is ready-to-go.

Louis Armstrong bio worksheet for kids

All you need to do is download & print.

Sharable Louis Armstrong Quotes

If you want to inspire your friends & family, we’ve turned these motivational Louis Armstrong quotes into sharable pictures for your to post to your social media accounts.

The graphics have been pre-formatted, so you can copy the image & paste to share on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Grab these Louis Armstrong quotes for students here.


These are perfect for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

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free Louis Armstrong worksheet for kids

Don’t forget to get your free Louis Armstrong worksheet here.

Louis Armstrong for kids
Louis Armstrong lesson

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Louis Armstrong handout free

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