Rosa Parks Bio For Kids

rosa parks bio for kids

This free Rosa Parks bio for kids worksheet is fun for for kids to color and fill in with interesting facts about this important woman in history.

Kids can fill in this worksheet with answers to these questions:

  • 5 facts about Rosa Parks
  • What is Rosa Parks famous for
  • Rosa Parks childhood
  • What was Rosa Parks job
  • When was Rosa Parks born
  • Rosa Parks interesting facts
rosa parks worksheet

With this biography worksheet you’ll accomplish many things:

  • Teaching kids about Rosa Parks
  • Showing kids how to organize their notes
  • Helping kids remember what they learn
  • Encouraging kids to think beyond the facts & consider her characteristics
rosa parks facts worksheet

You can use it many different ways:

  • Active listening for kids to take notes during a lesson
  • At-home research projects
  • Organize & prep thoughts for larger report
  • In-class presentation about this important person

Your power to make a difference is more important than ever.

This is not your average worksheet…

By featuring Rosa Parks characteristics, this handout is an insightful educational activity.

You’ll love sharing this worksheet with the kids in your life.

Rosa Parks Worksheet

worksheet rosa parks

People love our worksheets because they go beyond the facts.

This handout prompts kids to think about & write down 5 Rosa Parks characteristics.

Character traits such as:

  • Brave / courageous
  • Caring
  • Tired
  • Strong
  • Proud
  • Selfless
  • Nervous
  • Frustrated

Listing these characteristics forces kids to put themselves into her shoes & consider what she must have been feeling at that time.

Rosa Parks Biography Worksheet

Help them remember what they learn with this fun worksheet featuring Rosa Parks.

By presenting information in different ways, you are reinforcing their lessons.

Kids always enjoy hands-on learning & some kids really need this approach to focus.

rosa parks biography worksheet for kids

This black & white PDF is printer-friendly as well.

Whether or not kids like to study , this coloring page will both entertain & educate.

Who Was Rosa Parks Short Biography

If you are wondering what are 5 facts about Rosa Parks, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Born February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama USA
  • Best known for being arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white rider
  • Sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Her bravery led to nationwide efforts to end racial segregation
  • Awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom & the Congressional Gold Medal

This bite-sized biography gives kids an idea of this famous woman in history.

It’s just enough to leave them wanting to know more.

rosa parks biography worksheet

Most importantly, this worksheet focuses on Rosa Park’s characteristics, forcing kids to think beyond the facts & focus on the deeper qualities of this real-life influencer & quiet leader.

This printable coloring worksheet is ready-to-go.

All you need to do is download & print.

Rosa Parks Motivational Quotes

If you want to inspire your friends & family, we’ve turned these motivational Rosa Parks quotes into sharable pictures for your to post to your social media accounts.

The graphics have been pre-formatted, so you can copy the image & paste to share on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Click here to grab your free Rosa Parks quotes for Instagram sharable graphic images.

You’ll love using these coloring pictures to inspire & encourage people in your life.

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rosa parks handout

Don’t forget to get your free Rosa Parks worksheet here.

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